I’m thrilled you are here! I’m Stephanie Valdez - your hype girl! I created Empowerful Girls to help you be more curious, compassionate, and confident so you can take on the world.

I focus on positive themes, explore healthy habits, and tackle tough topics to teach you how to handle them. My goal is to help you recognize your individual worth, identify your strengths, build up your friendships, and deepen your love for yourself!

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  • Social + Emotional Learning (SEL) Certification
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Certification
  • ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Trained
  • QPR (Question Persuade Refer) Suicide Prevention Trained
  • B.A. Communications
  • Licensed Guest Teacher
  • Certified Girl Power Instructor
  • Years of mentoring tween + teen girls


As a tween + teen and even an adult, I also felt like I was not enough, compared myself to social media, battled friendship fires, experienced bullying, struggled with mental health, fixated on perfectionism, and didn't know myself very well. So I get how you're feeling and I want to help you get through it.

I've been empowering girls for years - mentoring, coaching, researching, and sharing my passion - so you can know that you can take on the world.

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