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Girl Power  5:15-6:15 p.m. Girls 3rd - 8th grade will learn to grow curiosity, compassion, and confidence.
• Individuality + strengths - gain a stronger sense of self and self-worth
• Social skills - communicate with others effectively
• Positive friendships - elements that make up a healthy friendship
• Friendship fires - manage negative aspects of relationships
• Growth mindset - improve abilities through effort and persistence
• Resilience - take control of how to respond to problems
• Gratitude + relaxation - benefits of being thankful and mindful
• Healthy mind + body - taking care of our bodies affects our well-being
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Media Literacy  6:30-7:30 p.m. Girls 5th - 12th grade will learn to be a mindful media consumer, communicator, and creator.
• Girls in media - how girls are portrayed, stereotypes, objectification, the industry's (beauty, diet, fitness, fashion, video game, porn) standards of perfection and their effects, cultural appropriation
• Social media - psychology behind it, algorithms, ads/sponsored posts, standards of perfection and their effects 
• News + info - facts, spin, bias, opinion, headlines, sponsored, clickbait
• Decoding - critical thinking skills to assess media
• Safe tech use - protect personal information, privacy, and yourself
• Responsible behavior - engage respectfully, etiquette, digital footprint
• Red flags - trolls, bullying, confrontations, catfishing, sexting, sextortion, grooming, sex trafficking
• Healthy habits - time spent, FOMO, addiction, mental health, finding balance, curating your feed and activity
• Be real - share true you and content, uplift, do and advocate for good

Empowerful Girls WORKSHOPS

8-week in-person programs, Tuesdays 8-23 thru 10-11
Held at Rainbow Library 3150 N Buffalo Dr 89128
Each program $150. Space is limited, secure your girls' spot: [email protected] .

As a tween + teen and even an adult, I also felt like I was not enough, compared myself to social media, battled friendship fires, experienced bullying, struggled with mental health, fixated on perfectionism, and didn't know myself very well. So I get how you're feeling and I want to help you get through it.

I've been empowering girls for years - mentoring, coaching, researching, and sharing my passion - so you can know that you can take on the world.

Girl, I Feel Ya.

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