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Empower: to make someone stronger, more confident
Powerful: the ability to do something
Empowerful Girls:
strong, confident girls who know who they are and know they can

Hey girl! I’m thrilled you are here. I’m Stephanie Valdez, your self-esteem hype girl! I created Empowerful Girls to reinforce tweens’ self-esteem and strengthen girls’ social and emotional skills.

During girls’ tween years, the stress from comparison, expectations, and social media builds more and more, causing them to have less and less self-esteem. That’s not okay.

With Empowerful Girls, I want to help you recognize your individual worth, identify your strengths, build up your friendships, and deepen your love for yourself.

I’m a mom of tweens, a girls mentor, a trained Girl Power instructor, and a former journalist. I have a degree in Communications from Brigham Young University, and a specialization in Social and Emotional Learning from University of Colorado Boulder.