My Big Goal · ep. 52

Do It Scared

For the past two months I’ve been creating something for you! Rewinding to September, I made a BIG GOAL to accomplish something I never have before. At first I felt a mix of excited and nervous. As the weeks went on, the number of things To Do got bigger and the ToDos themselves got harder. I got behind schedule because of things out of my control and my own procrastination. I got frustrated when I followed the plan but things didn’t work. I felt anxious about how my goal would turn out and how it would be received. But I took Elyse Meyer’s advice to “Do it scared.” Though I stumbled along the way, I kept at it day after day, week after week. It was a mountain of work, but I faced it one step at a time, consistent and intentional, and made continuous progress. I showed myself who I am, how far I can stretch, and what I’m capable of. I am proud of my effort, my commitment, and my willingness to take on this challenge.

I’m thrilled to say that I reached my goal! And I want to tell you all about it! You girls inspired me to create three products to help you take on your big ideas, know who you are, and reach your goals.

2023 You’ve Got This Year! Calendar

The first one is the 2023 You’ve Got This Year! Calendar. I want to help you make next year the BEST ONE YET! This printable calendar is designed to give you inspiration, help you with organization, and empower you with motivation throughout 2023 because You’ve Got This Year! Let me tell you about the features of this calendar.

The Design allows you to color, customize + personalize your calendar to make it reflect your personality and style so you enjoy seeing it hanging up in your room.

Monthly Topics offer an intention to focus on all month, like Lead, Challenge, and Fear Less. There’s also an inspiring quote by an empowerful girl. You can remember and reflect on the topic and quote every week.

It’s got a place to set Goals to motivate you to challenge yourself. And by writing them down, they’ll remind you to keep working at them and cross them off when you finish.

Also a section to make note of Good News that happened, positive experiences, and moments that made you smile.

And a spot to practice Gratitude to help you keep perspective by writing down a few things you’re thankful for and why they matter to you.

The calendar dates have Blank Space to provide room for you to plan ahead and stay on schedule. You can write down important events like birthdays, holidays, trips, plans, appointments, or school projects/tests.

Girls With Vision Board kit

The next one is the Girls With Vision Board kit. I want to help you SEE + KNOW + LOVE all of who you are! This printable kit helps you identify, recognize and embrace your individuality and believe in your dreams! Learn to love yourself with this kit! It features more than 350 graphics + words + inspirational quotes contained in 35 pages. It also has instructions and ideas for how to customize your own board. You can look through the pages, then color and cut out the words and graphics that reflect your personality + interests + values. Then you can create a collage with your cutouts on a poster, cardboard, or bulletin board. Be sure to add your name in the middle with bold letters. You can also include a picture of you, bedazzle it with gems, buttons, stickers, ribbon, glitter, and add other details to personalize your board. After creating and decorating your board, you can display it where it’ll inspire and remind you who you are now and how you want to grow.

Go Get Your Goals Girl! Video Call

Finally, the Go Get Your Goals Girl! Video Call. I personally will help you set SMART Goals in a 1-on-1 video call where WE create your New Year Goals Plan! YOU + ME will connect via video chat for one hour and work through the SMART Goals worksheet together. Remember SMART stands for Specific, Measure, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. So you’ll set a SMART Goal about what you will do and why it’s important. Then we’ll break it down into the steps you need to take to get there. You’ll identify an accountability buddy to tell them your goal and give progress updates. You’ll identify what you’ll do in case of obstacles or setbacks. You’ll motivate yourself with a reward when you reach each step. In all, we’ll create a personalized plan to help you reach your goals and I’ll give you encouragement and empowerment during our session. Plus you’ll get a Goals Poster to hype you up as you keep making progress.

So those were all part of my BIG GOAL and you can check them out on the SHOP tab! I really couldn’t have accomplished it all without inspiration from you girls. I know you have big ideas, too, and you want to be intentional and stay focused. You’re learning who you are and how to love yourself for it. You’re trying to achieve new things you haven’t done before. And. I. am. here. for. it! Honestly, I am your biggest fan, your hype girl cheering you on. I believe in you, I love you, and I want to help you! Whatever you’re taking on, keep at it girl!


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